Installation of new TV Aerial in Warrington!

Warrington, we were in the area installing 2 TV Aerials as this customer was unfortunate enough to have his original aerial blown away by the wind as the previous installer decided it was a good idea to bolt the aerial to a soffit board which has now left the aerial down the road and left a horrible stain on this clients property. As you can see from the picture we install aerials to a secure location and in this case it was installed and bolted to brickwork. ensuring that the aerials are nice and secure. the aerials we use are quality products made by a company called S A C with this product and all of our products we offer a two year guarantee as we believe in the products we use. This customer can now rest knowing this issue will not happen again. This job only took an hour. An hour later after our visit the customer is now watching picture perfect TV without the risk of  his aerial being blown away and we are glad to hear that he is very happy with our services.
The customer was a old time pensioner (OAP) so we offered a discount as we believe in looking after our elders.
Regardless of the weather we will still come out to complete a job that we have promised to deliver on,  you can see more of our services here.

Info on our services in Warrington

Warrington, Aerial & Sky services are in your area and can provide a full range of service in the Warrington area, we can install services such as a single TV Aerial or install a Multi-Room solution. We only install high quality equipment while also providing our expert opinion for the job.

Getting a clear picture doesn’t just depend on having just the right amount of signal: either too weak or too strong a signal can cause image break-up, but it is also dependant on where your aerial is installed as this can be a unspoken factor in the industry as some of our competitors would rather just sell you an un-needed aerial. You can be rest assured that we understand the technicalities of TV aerials and offer our expertise as well as a range of high quality solutions to obtain the best signal possible, even if you live in a field in the middle of nowhere.

Aerial and Sky services can install a TV aerial to run 4 or 6 televisions using a High Gain Aerial with an outdoor splitter and a cable to each TV set without loss of signal. We can also install TV aerials in lofts i.e., New Build properties where cables and sockets are already installed by the builder.

A high gain aerial is used to run 4 or 6 televisions. Using a F TYPE splitter without losing signal to any TV. In some cases a TV aerial amplifier can be added to boost the TV aerial signal. We use a TV aerial signal meter to measure and balance your TV aerial signal getting the highest quality digital signal

Aerial and Sky services can install satellite dishes for Sky HD, Sky Q and Freesat in the Warrington area, we install satellite dishes on chimneys, large gable ends and at heights where sky installers would not work, we also offer can do dish realignment and fault finding on domestic and commercial systems. Aerial and Sky services can install satellite dishes on chimneys and high elevation buildings Sky engineers are restricted under health and safety rules.

Aerial and Sky services have the professional equipment needed to do your job, a satellite dish would be installed instead of a TV Aerial.
You need a Freesat Box, Manhattan is a good basic box for viewing only, Freesat
the company have introduced a 4K HD recording Box this means you can record 4 channels at same time and watch a programme, it is a very neat way to watch TV, Humax recorders are no longer made.