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Aerial and Sky Services have 35 Years in the trade we offer fixed priced Aerials. We operate in numerous locations such as Manchester, Stockport and Warrington and many more, you can find the full list of  locations we cover here.

We install fixed priced aerials, and we can offer a TV aerial repair service. Sky dish installations are not always where you want them, this is because sky engineers will not go beyond a certain height, however we will as we are special heights trained, we also offer sky repairs and upgrades.

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Our Aerials

Standard Aerial

A standard TV aerial is used to run one TV and added BT / YouView or Freeview recorders. It will give you enough signal to run both without picture breakup or pixilation. Pixilation or breakup is caused by using old analogue TV aerials or water getting into the Aerial connection box or Aerial Cable. 4G towers can cause picture breakup. Check your postcode here and they will send you a free 4G aerial filter, this normally will block any interference.


We can install a TV aerial to run 4 or 6 televisions using a High Gain Aerial with an outdoor splitter and a cable to each TV set without loss of signal. We can also install TV aerials in lofts i.e., New Build properties where cables and sockets are already installed by the builder.

A high gain aerial is used to run 4 or 6 televisions. Using a F TYPE splitter without losing signal to any TV. In some cases a TV aerial amplifier can be added to boost the TV aerial signal. We use a TV aerial signal meter to measure and balance your TV aerial signal getting the highest quality digital signal 

Helium Mining Aerial

A helium miner is a low power device used to mine the cryptocurrency Helium. We provide mounting services for the antennas that are used for this. These can be installed on Chimneys, gable ends, and high elevations. You will need to purchase the correct amount of cable with your equipment and we will install the solution for you. You can read more about helium here

High Gain Aerial

A high gain aerial is used in areas where the signals are at lower levels, they can be used on their own and usually give very good signals. A booster can be added to this and this is the type of aerial that we split to 4 or 6 rooms using the F Type splitter. 

FM or DAB Aerial

An FM aerial is used to get better radio reception, a DAB aerial is used for digital radio reception. If you experience ‘bubbling’ this is the radio equivalent of a television picture breaking up, by installing a DAB aerial you will receive stronger, better signals for your radio reception. 

Satellite Services


We can install satellite dishes for Sky HD, Sky Q and Freesat.

We can install satellite dishes on chimneys, large gable ends and at heights where sky installers would not work.

We can do dish realignment and fault finding on domestic and commercial systems,
we have the correct alignment meters and equipment needed to do your job


Freesat is an alternative to TV Aerials launched by the BBC and ITV, for customers living in bad signal areas it’s a 2nd option it gives you over 150 TV and radio stations in HD quality. 


A satellite dish would be installed instead of a TV Aerial. You need a Freesat Box, Manhattan is a good basic box for viewing only, Freesat the company have introduced a 4K HD recording Box this means you can record 4 channels at same time and watch a programme, it is a very neat way to watch TV, Humax recorders are no longer made.


We can install satellite dishes on chimneys and high elevation buildings Sky engineers are restricted under health and safety rules.

We can install Sky Anywhere even at the end of a garden if the signal is blocked by an obstacle. I was personally trained by Sky and can get round most obstacles. 

Starlink - Installation


Starlink is the latest internet technology created by Elon Musk at Space Exploration Technologies Corp or (SpaceX)

It uses a dish that needs to be installed and connected to a power supply and to a router. It is claimed to be the fastest internet in the world.

You as a customer would order the equipment from Starlink and when it arrives you can set it up in your garden or patio. To get you up and running, we can install your Starlink dish to a chimney or gable end. It requires a clear view of the open sky using the correct brackets and masts, we have multiple mounting options please see photos in the gallery.

We have installed this system on farms in the middle of nowhere and our customers reaction is nearly all the same “WOW”. It is perfect for business owners, gamers or people in a location that does not have the correct infrastructure in place to facilitate this internet age.

IRS systems

IRS Systems

An IRS system is designed for multiple occupancy buildings (Flats, offices etc). We install one satellite dish and one television aerial on the building in conjunction with multi-switch technology amplifiers. This allows us to give each room, SKY TV, Freesat and freeview. We design, implement and maintain these systems. A site survey is required for this option. 

TV Wall mounting

TV Wall mounting

To do a TV wall mount correctly, it will hang like a picture or a mirror on your wall. With no cables showing or hanging down. You will need an approved electrician to install an electric socket behind the TV. If you have Sky or a VIrgin box, these are connected via a HDMI cable and need to either be buried in the wall or hidden in trunking. I recommend a TV aerial cable is added in case your set top box (STB) breaks down, you can still receive normal freeview stations as a backup via this aerial. NO TV WALL MOUNT IS THE SAME. WE DO A FREE SITE SURVEY AND QUOTE FOR THIS, PRICES START FROM £160 INCLUDING THE BRACKETS AND FITTING. HDMI cables, television aerial cables and electric extension cables are extra.

We advise a site survey to get your job done the correct way the first time.

Check out our other website: TV Wall Mounting Services North West (

TV Set up services

TV Set up services

We offer a complete TV set up service from flatpack to tuning and full installation of your television. This can be combined with our wall mounting service for a discounted rate. Please contact us for a quote for this service. If you just need a TV tuning in and setting up this is £50. Any other requirements we can quote for this. 

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