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Expert Installations of any TV aerial, Satellite Dish and Multi-box requirements in Atherton.

If you are looking for regular or bespoke installations for your TV aerial, Sky satellite system or Freebox, the team at Aerial & Sky Services provides everything required to get your system up and running and with perfect reception throughout your home or business. Using the highest-quality equipment to optimise your set-up and give picture-perfect reception designed to be consistent no matter the challenge of the area in Atherton.

Our team is highly experienced in providing knowledge and solutions to meet any type of installation challenge and climate.

Aerial Installation in Atherton

TV Aerial Installation in Atherton

From full repairs of fallen and broken aerials to trickier and bespoke installations, our team understands that the best signal and picture is not just providing you with something that works for everyone else and making do with it.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the technicalities of TV aerials and brings the best high-quality solutions to the table, even if the location is remote and the signal is weak.

If you have a broken or lost aerial through bad weather, we can provide a replacement installation that can withstand harsher climates. If you are experiencing connection issues or haze on your reception, we can fix these problems without drastic and expensive measures.

Our team can install all manner of aerials for any kind of property in Atherton, from high-rise apartments to low-valley cottages.

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Sky & Satellite Installation in Atherton

Not every Sky and satellite dish installation is the same, and some require specialist installations that Sky Installers themselves see as against their health and safety standards. This results in them sometimes refusing to install if certain drilling or working at height is involved.

Our team is not only qualified to install any Sky product (Sky HD, Sky Q, Freesat etc), but we can perform the installations that supplier installers would find too complex or risky to undertake. No matter if it involves chimney installation, extensive drilling or working on high-rise installs, our team are prepared, experienced and able to do it right.

Aerial and Sky Services have performed a large number of bespoke installations in Atherton. Even in some of the most challenging conditions, so there is no installation type we have not come across and performed.

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Satellite Dish Installation in Atherton

Multi-Room Installation in Atherton

Multi room aerial installs in Atherton

If you are seeking an installation to function in multiple rooms, possibly requiring multiple aerial installs to achieve different inputs to separate rooms, Aerial & Sky Services are extensively experienced to achieve this particular installation.

From hotels to corporate buildings with multiple levels to airports and schools, our team have performed many complex and far-stretching multi-room installations complete with Sky boxes, satellite dishes and Freeset services – no matter if you have a tight timeframe to get it up and running.

Our team can provide High Gain aerials with outdoor splitters that can run 4 to 6 connections without any loss of signal, as well as complex lofts, external buildings and larger outdoor extension installations.

No matter the size of the intended installation, Aerial and Sky Services can provide the perfect solution to your multi-room requirements.

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TV Amplifiers installations in Atherton

Amplifiers are often necessitated in situations when signals are not getting the required strength through a traditional aerial system.

Amplifiers require technical expertise to ensure that the signal received is maximised and at optimal levels, bypassing any problem or blockage that causes distortion or weak signal. Our team can provide indoor distribution amplification, mast head amplifiers and even splitters to pull the very best signal possible.

Freeview signal boosters improve digital TV reception in fringe areas that have common problems with a weak signal. This is typically caused by distant transmitters or obstructions from buildings that shield the signal.

Aerial and Sky Services provide several variations of amplification for your consideration, based on every kind of circumstance of your home setting to ensure you are fitted to a high standard and suffer no problems from your set-up.

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